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Next Level Digital is a company based on WordPress platform. We have over 10 years of experience in designing and programming customized websites tailored perfectly to accommodate our clients needs. Our rich experience includes several extensive real estate projects, so you can be sure your website is in the hands of professionals.

Technology On The Move

We are developing and perfecting technologies such as IDX, Agent Dashboards, WordPress custom builds and Single Sign-On which we can integrate and adjust to the level of your needs, for the purpose of increasing the quality of your Real Estate management.

Powerful IDX Integration

IDX is a powerful tool for real estate companies. It provides consequential SEO improvement, fast data filtering and we can customize it uniquely for your needs.

Outstanding Customization

Lightspeed Processing

Significant SEO Improvement

What is IDX?

Internet Data Exchange or IDX is a software that allows MLS (Multiple Listings Service) to show on your site and also your listings will be shown on other Real Estate websites. It provides lead collection and contributes great potential for improving SEO performance. IDX API integration offers the opportunity of customized data transfer and representation from MLS provider, with the aim of meeting the clients high demands for multifunctional processing of that data. This kind of integration offers the best possible flexibility in the design development according to customer needs. IDX provides your clients the best search available, your site visitors can instantly find suitable properties by filtering the region, city, postal code, or street. Along with additional fields like maximum price, square feet, schools etc. This allows the maximum targeted results. When you make the search process simple, you will convert visitors into buyers.


Buyers Start their Search Online


Sellers List their Properties on MLS

Why do I need IDX integration?

IDX integration will provide you with more uses by showing your listing on other IDX websites, and that will bring you more leads, make your organic SEO better and elevate your business to a higher level.

In a 2017 survey, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) came to a conclusion that 42% of buyers start their search online, and 90% of sellers list their properties on MLS. Nowadays the clients expect to see the listings on the realtors websites. In majority of the cases that is the first step they take upon deciding to buy a house, therefore the agents that don’t use this benefit are at a disadvantage.

Custom WordPress Builds

We possess over 10 years of experience in web design and development, specifically working with the WordPress platform. We are narrowly specialized for developing complex WordPress systems which include features such as IDX integration, Agents Intranet, CRM solution and they all comply with the modern needs of managing a real estate company.

Internet is powered by WordPress

WordPress powers 43% of the internet in 2021, with a 5% rise from the previous year, and increasing rates indicate that half of the internet will use WordPress in 2022.

WordPress is a very fast and stable modular platform, which allows numerous methods of content managing, customization and integration of various services and products. This way we round up your management with services like IDX integration, Agents Intranet, CRM solution, and all of these services can work as one unity on the WordPress platform. Custom WordPress builds offer the possibility of upgrading the existing website with new functions and design according to the clients wishes and needs, and also making the website responsive for all device types. With the search engines that are still the most important traffic source for most websites, SEO remains a very important ingredient for better network performance. For that reason, if you want to be high ranked in the search results, it’s best to base your website on a platform that can help you achieve that. WordPress has been perfected over the years in order to become convenient for search engines.

Our Real Estate Clients

Here you can see some of our satisfied clients and what we have done for them.

Agent Dashboard

Intranet and company internal marketing resources

This is a specific product that represents internal web system designed for agents and other company staff which allows a better real estate management, marketing material creation, improves and simplifies the communication between all employees, offers the centralization of all necessary services, but also serves as a cloud for all files and forms that agents use daily. Every day your employees use many different tools to get the job done. Group chats, forms, documents, workflows. We will create a customized intranet with all the features that will make their daily tasks easier. Improve team collaboration by giving employees a private and secure space on your intranet platform.


Our Agent Intranet features provide possibilities such as: managing files and forms, departments and employee directories, help center, fast and powerful property search, marketing material making tools, internal blog and news, events, and many more.

Custom Dashboard Modules

Our expert team will gladly design and develop any dashboard element that you need in order to relieve your agents’ daily tasks and make work as fun as possible.

Single-sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on is an essential feature that makes work easier for you and your employees. It allows users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by logging in only once with just one set of credentials – username and password. With SSO you can access all company-related apps, services and APIs by logging in just once.

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